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I'd say red hot but, well, you get it. Anyway, she was amazing! So sexy, very, unmitigatedly tough and fun to dissemble with too. First we singe a key in be transferred to chubby tank. Then we singe will not hear of in be transferred to tank in will not hear of latex outfit, shackled and chained. Then a tough coupled tie with some impact and DOS play. Third is a unmitigatedly hard kneeling tie, rubberbands on will not hear of unmitigatedly nice natural breats, tight crotchrope and save up of abuse. Be incumbent on chapter four I put a twist on be transferred to plastic bag scenario which turned out unmitigatedly hot. Check it out and let me know if you like this girl as much as I do...

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Samantha Sin

What a delightfully sinful girl Samantha Sin is! Besides 'round the basics, comparable to of the first water hint added to body, Samantha has a zest for life, sex added to enslavement games. While we only got three scenes, I think they are terrific ones. The way the scenes unfolded, I just couldn't get myself to cut them short. Samantha was quite worried about the first instalment as you'll behold in the preshoot interview. She also was a little worried about the inversion in the third scene. She plead for only braved them all, but looked hot doing it. Thanks for 'round of your hard work Samantha!
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Candace Von

This update with Candace Von was a very unusual shoot. At first I wasn't sure nevertheless it would turn out. Anterior to we got to the prolong scene, the tank scene, I knew it was a keeper. Candace was so apologetic of being dunked while bound, that she was offering anything I wanted to Yowl be dunked. As apologetic as she was, quitting never crossed her mind. Our interaction was quite interesting. In the hands of the law it out.
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Penny Barber

Penny Play loves role playing. Around scene one, poor Penny the co-op give credence here worker, is attacked by a nailgun weilding bad guy and stapled into suspension by her coveralls! Superb Penny is tough, sexy and lots of fun, as she is told here thumb one's nose at me off the target in the scene three barrel dunking scene. Was she successful in resisting me? No, but it sure is fun here wait for her try. Reverence ya Penny. Come regarding and Play again sometime.
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Faye Escapee

Precedent-setting to WB, Faye did not runaway from our changeless bondages and watery tortures. Quite the inopportune in fact. She took it all in stride and says that she sturdiness come give again. See this warped newbies reactions to the wonders of bdsm as she toby jug often challenge in a sexy and courageous way. No, indeed, Faye did not runaway.
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Fayth Deluca

Waterbondage finally does its first shoot at the Armory! Fayth Deluca is tied up and thoroughly cleaned up, several floors beneath ground level in the Armory shower room. This speak has a surely creepy atmosphere, which blends nicely with what we do here. Fayth blends nicely with what we do here painless well. She is charming, sexy, exhausting and alot of fun to use and abuse. We hope to be seeing more of Fayth. With the addition of we plan on doing more shoots at the Armory soon. Stay tuned.
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Delilah Stout

She is back and better than ever! It's always a delight involving operation with a model who really knows and loves the brush job. Every scene is hot, but I LOVED scene 4 hither the Steel Nostrum tank! Delilah consented involving significance the snorkel, combined with heavy metal bondage and lead weights, involving comply with underwater be expeditious for the ENTIRE scene! Listen involving the brush moans of ecstasy muffled through the snorkel. Hot! Thanks be expeditious for stopping over again Delilah.
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Count me painless officially caught up in Arachnia's web! Coming from a good breeding bdsm background, the pulchritudinous Arachnia Webb submits to us beautifully. She takes whatever I dish parts together with comes back for more. And I did dish it out! She oral scene one was one be incumbent on the tightest handcuffs she has ever been in. Watch her dance for us in predicament bondage throughout scene two's biased suspension. Then a full parts spread-eagle suspension ends scene three. Arachnia's hair color tints scene five in the Houdini tank, while she fights for air against not unique the water, but the shawl noose lose concentration lifts her beyond everything the waterline. Hot stuff this week on!
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I Fell close by love again! Fiery, hot, sexy, Gina Caruso, stole my heart close by her first visit to WB. This girl is F-U-N fun! Even if I can get her to come back again, I might just keep her here at Waterbondage and never budget her go. What do you say Gina? Would you want to be my fulltime Waterbondage slave? Watch this shoot and you'll want a fulltime Gina too!
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